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New Service | Holistic Living Guide by Chessa Winter

Do you find yourself feeling sick, tired and with low energy in your own home? Let me help guide you in food choices, removing toxins from your household and create a healthier environment for you and your family.

Services I Offer:

Food choices (Organic, low-inflammatory foods, food sensitivities)
Heavy metal education (cookware, makeup)
Holistic dentistry experience
Education in microwave radiation, EMFs, plastics
Healthy water/air improvements
Moisture/mold from home environment
Food storage options
Creating healthy eating habits for children
Herbs/herbal tinctures (assist in guiding on how to use them)
Non-toxic cleaning products


About Tom Winter Construction

From vacation cottages in the Gig Harbor area, kitchens in Silverdale, total bathroom makeovers, cedar and Trex decks, we can transform any home remodeling project into a thing of beauty.

Increasing or decreasing the number or size of windows can solve many problems associated with an area being too dark by day, not capturing a desired view or a lack of privacy. Our remodeling construction contractor can install new windows where none existed before as well as replace or remove existing windows.

Replacing old or damaged surfaces such as walls, ceilings and floors might be all that's necessary to make a room look great. These facelift construction services might be all that is standing in the way of enjoying a great looking house.

Remodeling is a great opportunity to improve your home's electrical, plumbing and heating systems, an... Read More

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